It feels so weird, tonight,

memories came on my mind,

the past became my present,

the future though was ticking,eleven.

Random pictures of faces,

I knew them well

but no cards can show me

anymore, their hidden aces...

I miss a part of me,

is it my youth or my truth?

I miss a part of you,


I just remembered many stories,

days of our glories,

blue and red were my colors,

happy days,and fresh baked bread

were my odors.

First time we kissed,

first time we loved,

first time we fought

first time we thought.

First time for me,

first time for you,

last time we sang

a song that was blue.

Second day of silence,

Second time for love,

last time I saw you

you were crying for more.

Third day of joy

Is it my love?

Or is it his mother's joy

that hugged him from above...

Sometimes, I wonder

If things went wrong,

but no matter what I miss

I like singing our song.

La,la in a playground,

I don't want to turn-around,

I prefer children voices,

and staying on the ground.

Sometimes I wonder,

when I play hide and seek

did I find what I want,

or I got old and weak.

La,la on the background,

our picture on the wall

in a room so empty,

waiting for next fall.

Music in my ears,

avoid the tears,

a deep breath..

no more fears.

La,la one more time,

clock ticking ...

reminding my bed-time,

 and I don't give a dime...

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